Dr. Heater DR-968 Infrared Heater The Dr. Heater DR-968 is by far the best infrared heater on the market today. I first purchased this heater years ago when I was living in an old house that got very cold during chilly winters and I needed a space heater to supplement my main furnace. And since the day I bought it, it has not failed me once. It always keeps me nice and warm during those freezing winter nights. This 1500 watt space heater utilizes an advanced dual heating system called PTC that allows it to pump out heat like no other space heater out there. And at under $150, it’s also very affordable.

What I like About This Infrared Heater

What I really like about this heater is that it has so many great and useful features. The makers of this heater have gone to great lengths to ensure that it will not only heat your home efficiently, but it will do so without endangering you or pose as a fire hazard.

Powerful – The Dr. Heater DR-968 can heat up a room as large as 1000 feet. The reason it can do this even though other space heaters can’t even come close to heating up a room that size is because it uses infrared heating elements, which produces heat more efficiently than other types of heating systems.

Built-in Air Purifier – I really like the fact that it has an air purifier built into the machine. This allowed me to save a lot of money by not having to buy an air purifier separately. It also allowed me to save a lot of space. You’d be amazed at the amount of dust and particles that can build up in your room and in the air. I don’t know if you’ve ever used an air cleaner before, but I can tell you from personal experience that you can definitely notice the difference in the air quality of a room that has been purified and one that hasn’t.

Very Quiet – The Dr. Heater is a very quiet heater. Most of the time you forget it’s even on because it makes practically no noise at all. The reason it’s so quiet is because it uses a very advanced ball bearing, high-pressure fan to circulate the hot air around the room.

Safe – Because the infrared heating elements are completely encased in a wood “cabinet” housing, the exterior always remain cool, and will never get hot. It also incorporates another safety feature that causes it to shut off if it is ever accidentaly knocked over. So if you ever have kids or pets playing on or around it, you’ll never have to worry about them getting burned or them knocking it over and causing a fire. Infrared “room” heaters like this one and the iheater are by far the safest space heaters in existence.

What I Don’t Like About This Infrared Heater

Uses A Lot of Power – Even though infrared heaters are more energy efficient and produce more heat per watt used than other types of space heaters, that doesn’t mean they don’t consume a lot of electricity, because they do. So one gripe I do have about this heater is that it may trigger the breaker every once in a while when you’re using it. Also, you probably won’t be able to run other appliances, like a vacuum, on the same outlet when it is on.

Final Word

Overall, when you take into consideration price, heating power, construction quality, and value for money spent, the Dr. Heater DR-968 just trumps all other infrared heaters out there. The Dr. Heater won’t perform miracles, but if you’re looking to save a decent amount of money on your heating bills, then this is the space heater you want.